Rapper Megan Tea Stallion gives away free bitcoin on Twitter

Female rapper Megan Tea Stallion gives away as much as $1 million in free bitcoin on Twitter. She does this for the Cash App, the mobile app for Americans to buy bitcoin.

Spoiler: only Americans have a chance to win some satoshi.

Rapper Megan Tea Stallion

The intention of Square, the company behind the Cash App, is of course to cause as much commotion as possible on Twitter with the hashtag #BITCOINMEG.

Megan Tea Stallion, with over 5 million followers on Twitter alone, is one of the biggest rappers of the moment. She recently won four Grammy Awards, a prestigious music award.

On Twitter she announces the giveaway.

Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Square, but also CEO and founder of Twitter, quotes her two. She sees bitcoin as a wise investment.

In America Cash App is an important seller of bitcoin. Through the app you can pay, but also invest in shares and therefore BTC.

Together with Grayscale and PayPal Square is an eager buyer on the over-the-counter market. One of the consequences is that the stock of stock exchanges and brokers is drying up.

Domestic violence

The rapper, known for her twerks in her clips, was recently named by Time as the 100 most influential people of 2020.

She broke through with the summer hit WAP, recorded along with Cardi B, another female hardliner in the scene.

But she was also the victim of a shooting (hit in the foot) and drew attention to (domestic) violence suffered by African-American women. She also encourages young people to study, according to hip-hop connoisseur Kim Dankoor.

Among her followers at least not everyone knows the difference between dollars and satoshi’s yet. Each bitcoin consists of 100 million satoshi.

And self-proclaimed finance expert William Clemente III calls on her followers not to convert their satoshi into dollars. He draws a comparison with the hyperinflation of the Deutschmark between 1921 and 1923 during the Weimar Republic.


Bitcoin’s recent price action is attracting new people to the market and companies are responding by hiring artists and influencers. The cryptomint is also very popular among this target group.

Rapper Logic timed the market pretty well by putting no less than 6 million dollars into the crypto coin in November. Since then, the exchange rate has risen again by dozens of percent.

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