Bloomberg sees Bitcoin at 400,000 US dollars

„Risk-free investment product“ – Bloomberg sees Bitcoin at 400,000 US dollars

Bloomberg certifies Bitcoin an important development step that could still carry the cryptocurrency to a price of 400,000 US dollars by the end of 2021.

Bitcoin (BTC) has repeatedly faced accusations of being too volatile or fluctuating in price. This would result in a high risk when investing in the cryptocurrency. However, a senior Crypto Engine scam analyst at Bloomberg now confirms that Bitcoin has become a „risk-free“ investment product this year.

In a corresponding tweet on 25 March, Mike Mcglone of Bloomberg Intelligence states that the current year represents a turning point in the cryptocurrency’s development that finally legitimises it.

US$400,000 before the end of the year

To back up his optimism, McGlone attaches a price chart in logarithmic representation to his tweet, showing the Bitcoin Liquid Index and the average Bitcoin price per year.

From the price developments during the major uptrends of 2013 and 2017, he deduces that Bitcoin could reach a peak of 400,000 US dollars in the current record run (upper green line). This makes McGlone’s forecast even significantly more optimistic than the much-cited Stock-To-Flow (S2F) calculation model, which predicts a Bitcoin price of 288,000 US dollars by 2024.

„Bitcoin is well on its way to becoming a global reserve asset. A maturity jump in 2021 transforms Bitcoin into a risk-free investment product, in our opinion,“ the expert said in light of the promising outlook.

McGlone, however, does not give any specific reasons for Bloomberg’s assessment. However, the idea that Bitcoin reduces rather than increases the risk of a portfolio is already getting around in the corporate world. More and more companies are adding the cryptocurrency to their books, unimpressed by any price fluctuations.

„My mission is to correct the books of the entire corporate world,“ as Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy states accordingly in an interview with TIME Magazine this week. The software maker is something of a bitcoin pioneer among large companies.

Saylor, for example, kicked off a veritable trend last summer by investing more than $52 billion in the market-leading cryptocurrency with his company by now. According to Bitcoin Treasuries, the BTC purchased with it are now worth more than 73 billion US dollars. A worthwhile decision that is now slowly setting a precedent.

Without risk?

Even the major bank Morgan Stanley will allow wealthy investors and corporate clients access to Bitcoin from next week. Critics see the conditions imposed by the bank as an indication that the cryptocurrency is not entirely free of risk.

„The fact that Morgan Stanley only allows wealthy investors with more than 2 million US dollars in their accounts to invest 2.5% of their assets shows that the bank considers Bitcoin to be very risky and wants to limit its legal liability for any losses,“ as gold advocate and crypto critic Peter Schiff concludes.

Tether and Bitfinex seek 30-day extension to provide documents

iFinex Inc, the parent company of crypto-exchange Bitfinex and stablecoin issuer Tether has asked the New York Supreme Court to further delay the upcoming trial date.

Postponement of deadlines
Legal counsel for iFinex Inc is asking for a 30-day extension to submit the documents demanded by the Office of the Attorney General (OAG).

The last deadline of 15 January was not met, but this was also a postponement of the original deadline of 16 December.

Legal counsel Charles Michael, said in court on Tuesday that a substantial portion of the material had already been turned over to the OAG, but that there were additional agreed upon items that still needed to be procured.

Time for verification
It takes a lot of time to produce the documents, but extra time must also be set aside for the OAG so that they can verify the documents:

‚The parties still need a few weeks to produce the additional information, so that OAG can review the production and further discuss with each other whether further procedures are needed.‘

Almost two years in progress
The ongoing legal battle began in April 2019, when the New York Attorney General alleged that Bitfinex tried to cover the loss of $850 million in customer money by taking illegal loans from Tether. The defendants also allegedly committed an illegal offering of securities (securitisation).

The NYAG investigation showed that no more than 74% of Tether stablecoins are actually backed by real dollars. This did not prevent Tether from issuing USDT 24.7 billion. Trading volume yesterday was over USD 90 billion.

Beware of FUD
Chief Technology Officer of Bitfinex, Paulo Ardoini, recently shared a reminder on Twitter that Tether is registered and regulated under the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, and that any suggestion that USDT represents an impact was just an example of Fear,Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD).
Nevertheless, USDT’s influence on the cryptocurrency market has been tremendous. The stablecoin has also helped drive up the bitcoin price and is used by thousands of traders every day. It is therefore feared that a negative ruling on behalf of iFinex Inc, however justified, could cause great damage to the crypto market.

Rapper Megan Tea Stallion gives away free bitcoin on Twitter

Female rapper Megan Tea Stallion gives away as much as $1 million in free bitcoin on Twitter. She does this for the Cash App, the mobile app for Americans to buy bitcoin.

Spoiler: only Americans have a chance to win some satoshi.

Rapper Megan Tea Stallion

The intention of Square, the company behind the Cash App, is of course to cause as much commotion as possible on Twitter with the hashtag #BITCOINMEG.

Megan Tea Stallion, with over 5 million followers on Twitter alone, is one of the biggest rappers of the moment. She recently won four Grammy Awards, a prestigious music award.

On Twitter she announces the giveaway.

Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Square, but also CEO and founder of Twitter, quotes her two. She sees bitcoin as a wise investment.

In America Cash App is an important seller of bitcoin. Through the app you can pay, but also invest in shares and therefore BTC.

Together with Grayscale and PayPal Square is an eager buyer on the over-the-counter market. One of the consequences is that the stock of stock exchanges and brokers is drying up.

Domestic violence

The rapper, known for her twerks in her clips, was recently named by Time as the 100 most influential people of 2020.

She broke through with the summer hit WAP, recorded along with Cardi B, another female hardliner in the scene.

But she was also the victim of a shooting (hit in the foot) and drew attention to (domestic) violence suffered by African-American women. She also encourages young people to study, according to hip-hop connoisseur Kim Dankoor.

Among her followers at least not everyone knows the difference between dollars and satoshi’s yet. Each bitcoin consists of 100 million satoshi.

And self-proclaimed finance expert William Clemente III calls on her followers not to convert their satoshi into dollars. He draws a comparison with the hyperinflation of the Deutschmark between 1921 and 1923 during the Weimar Republic.


Bitcoin’s recent price action is attracting new people to the market and companies are responding by hiring artists and influencers. The cryptomint is also very popular among this target group.

Rapper Logic timed the market pretty well by putting no less than 6 million dollars into the crypto coin in November. Since then, the exchange rate has risen again by dozens of percent.

Take a look at John van Meer’s morning analysis of the bitcoin rate.

Chris Wood riduce l’oro del fondo pensione per BTC

Wood venderà oro per Bitcoin in un fondo pensione del Jeffries Financial Group.

Questa è una delle prime volte in cui un importante fondo pensione ha investito pubblicamente in criptovaluta.

Wood, che è a capo delle strategie globali dell’azienda, rimane rialzista sull’oro

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Il Trust Project è un consorzio internazionale di testate giornalistiche che stabiliscono standard di trasparenza.

Chris Wood, un dirigente del Jeffries Financial Group, taglierà parte della posizione aurea della società e acquisterà Bitcoin . La società di investimento da un miliardo di dollari è una delle tante grandi società finanziarie che lanciano il proprio capitale sul ring per la criptovaluta preferita al mondo.

L’oro diventa oro digitale

Il 19 dicembre 2020, Bitcoin ha battuto un nuovo massimo storico di oltre $ 24.000 . Ciò ha portato ricordi della corsa al toro del 2017, ma con più sostegno dai fondamentali. Dal 2017, banche e magnati di Wall Street come Jamie Dimon di JP Morgan (JPM) hanno fatto 180 sulla tecnologia blockchain o Bitcoin (BTC).

Quindi questa volta, Wall Street è prudente nel gioco. Christopher Wood, il responsabile globale della strategia azionaria di Jeffries, ha affermato che la sua azienda sta acquistando Bitcoin . Sebbene rimanga ottimista sull’oro, ridurrà la posizione dell’oro della società a favore della valuta digitale. Prima di questi cambiamenti, il fondo di Wood aveva stanziato circa il 50% in oro. Ora il 5% dell’allocazione d’oro andrà a BTC.

I fondi pensione impilano i sats

Più specificamente, il cambiamento nell’allocazione dell’oro avverrà nel portafoglio globale long only di Wood per i fondi pensione denominati in dollari USA. Ciò rende la mossa una delle prime allocazioni pubbliche e di grandi dimensioni per Bitcoin in un gruppo di importanti fondi pensione.

Questo non è il primo investimento nel suo genere. Apparentemente, la Norvegia ha guadagnato l’esposizione a Bitcoin per alcuni dei suoi fondi di investimento statali. Allo stesso modo, Morgan Creek Digital, una società che investe in società blockchain, sembra essere sostenuta da fondi pensione negli Stati Uniti .

Non solo i fondi pensione potrebbero investire in Blockchian, ma la blockchain potrebbe essere utilizzata per gestire fondi pensione. Non meno di si è iscritto per gestire il proprio sistema pensionistico utilizzando questa tecnologia.

Nel frattempo a Jeffries, l’azienda da $ 51 miliardi vede le criptovalute come parte della loro strategia più ampia. Wood dice che ha intenzione di aumentare l’esposizione alle criptovalute dopo che il mercato ha visto una correzione.

Alcuni vedono questa come la prima di molte mosse che potrebbero far salire il prezzo di Bitcoin molto, molto più in alto. Secondo Weiss Crypto Ratings , Bitcoin non ha ancora visto il capitale proveniente da grandi fondi pensione o compagnie assicurative. Queste società comandano un’enorme quantità di capitale e, se dovessero salire a bordo della nave crittografica, Bitcoin potrebbe continuare a salire nell’acqua.


Die Kosten für den Kauf einer Bitcoin Rush-Einheit könnten die $26.000-Marke überschreiten, wie ein bullischer Indikator aus dem Lehrbuch zeigt, der sich im unteren Zeitrahmen-Chart bildet.

Das als „Bullenwimpel“ bezeichnete Muster bildet sich, wenn ein Vermögenswert eine Dreiecks-ähnliche Struktur bildet, nachdem er eine aufwärts gerichtete Fahnenstange gebildet hat. Händler sehen es als ein Signal für die Fortsetzung der Tendenz, d.h. sie glauben, dass der Vermögenswert nach dem Durchbrechen der Dreiecksstruktur in die Richtung seines vorherigen Trends weitergehen würde.


Bitcoin bildet einen ähnlichen Bullenwimpel auf seinem 1-Stunden-Chart (1H), indem es die folgenden Charakteristika zeigt:

  • Flaggenmast: Bevor die Pennant-Struktur gebildet wurde, stieg der BTC/USD-Kurs an. Dies führte zur Bildung eines Fahnenmastes.
  • Preisschwankung: Nach der Bildung eines Flaggenmast-Tops begann BTC/USD, sich seitwärts zu konsolidieren, während er eine Spur von niedrigeren Hochs und höheren Tiefs hinter sich ließ. Das gab ihm die Form einer dreieckigen Struktur – den eigentlichen Wimpel.
  • Volumen: Das Volumen nahm ab, als BTC/USD innerhalb des Wimpels schwankte.

Händler warten nun auf einen Ausbruch über den Wimpel, um ihre ausgedehnte zinsbullische Tendenz zu bestätigen. Sollte eine solche Bewegung stattfinden, würde sich das Aufwärtsziel um so viel wie die Höhe des Fahnenmastes verschieben. Im aktuellen Fall liegt die Höhe bei fast $3.200. Das bedeutet, dass die Ausbruchsbewegung BTC/USD mindestens in Richtung 26.294 $ treiben würde, gemessen vom Scheitelpunkt des Wimpels.

Bull Pennants haben laut einer Studie der Samurai Trading Academy eine Erfolgsquote von 70 Prozent. Daher kann es immer noch eine 30-prozentige Möglichkeit geben, dass das aktuelle bullische Fortsetzungsmuster am Ende ungültig ist. Sollte dies geschehen, würde der BTC/USD-Wechselkurs Gefahr laufen, nach unten zu korrigieren – wiederum um so viel wie die Höhe des Flaggenmastes.

Das würde das Paar in etwa bis auf 20.000 $ bringen, dem vorherigen Widerstandsziel, das nun als Unterstützungsniveau dient.


Die langfristigen Zeitrahmen-Charts unterstützen die rückläufigen Korrekturaussichten. Nachdem der Bitcoin-Markt eine Reihe von Kursgewinnen verzeichnen konnte, ist er nun überhitzt. Der Relative Strength Indicator auf dem Wochenchart von Bitcoin zeigt dasselbe mit seinen überkauften Signalen (RSI liegt über 70).

Einfach ausgedrückt: Bitcoin wird zu einem höheren Kurs als seinem idealen Gebot gehandelt. Das führt typischerweise zu neutralisierenden Preisbewegungen nach unten. Sollte das passieren, riskiert die Kryptowährung einen Absturz von mindestens 20-30 Prozent, um ihren RSI wieder in die normale Zone zu bringen. Das würde den BTC/USD-Kurs automatisch in die Nähe von/unter $20.000 bringen.

Bitcoin supera i nuovi massimi storici puntando a $ 23.000

La criptovaluta bellwether sembra inarrestabile dopo aver raggiunto un nuovo massimo storico.

Non perdetevi le notizie sui mercati

Bitcoin Era è riuscito a recuperare tutte le perdite subite dopo il ritracciamento del 17% del 25 novembre.

Anche se più di 200.000 trader sono stati liquidati durante l’ultima correzione nel mercato delle criptovalute, gli investitori non hanno atteso a lungo per rientrare nelle loro posizioni lunghe.

Il picco della pressione sugli acquisti ha visto aumentare BTC di oltre il 22%. È passato da un minimo di $ 16.200 il 26 novembre a un nuovo massimo storico di $ 19.860.

Paolo Ardoino , CTO di Bitfinex, sostiene che la recente azione sui prezzi può essere attribuita alla crescente domanda tra gli investitori istituzionali

“L’ascesa di Bitcoin oggi a un nuovo massimo storico di $ 19,844 affascinerà. Tuttavia, di gran lunga maggiore conseguenza sono i fondamentali che alimentano questo rally, in particolare la crescente presenza di investitori istituzionali. Bitcoin è ancora nascente e anche allocazioni relativamente piccole nella classe di attività da fondi di investimento possono avere un impatto sismico „.

Se la pressione di acquisto continua a salire , Bitcoin potrebbe essere in grado di salire fino a $ 23.000.

Una chiusura della candela di 4 ore sopra i 19.500 $ aggiungerà credito alle prospettive ottimistiche in quanto aumenterà le possibilità di questa potenziale ripresa.

Joe Biden’s Pick for Treasury Secretary is geen fan van Bitcoin…

De keuze van de Amerikaanse president Joe Biden voor de minister van Financiën is geen Bitcoin-gelovige.

Biden kiest de voormalige voorzitter van de Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, als zijn minister van Financiën. Yellen is een bekende Bitcoin-scepticus die de leidende cryptocrisis heeft beschreven als een zeer speculatief activum.

Tijdens het Montreal Fintech Forum in oktober 2018 zei ze dat veel van de transacties van BTC verband houden met criminele activiteiten zoals de financiering van terrorisme en het witwassen van geld. Sindsdien hebben meerdere onderzoeksrapporten, waaronder één van defensie- en luchtvaartbedrijf BAE Systems, vastgesteld dat het gebruik van cryptocurrency’s om geld wit te wassen miniem is in vergelijking met contant geld.

Yellen zei ook dat ze niet gelooft dat Bitcoin rijkdom kan opslaan of een levensvatbaar betalingssysteem kan worden.

„Het wordt niet gebruikt voor veel transacties. Het is geen stabiele bron van waarde en het is ook geen efficiënt middel om betalingen te verwerken. Het is erg traag in het verwerken van betalingen.“

Raz Suprovici, de oprichter van Bitcoin giftenplatform Biterica, stuurde Yellen $20 aan BTC in een poging om haar perspectief op het vlaggenschip van de cryptocrisis te veranderen.

Yellen werd ook deel van een legendarische crypto-meme in 2017 toen een ongeïdentificeerde man een „Koop Bitcoin“-bord omhoog hield tijdens haar getuigenis voor het House Financial Services Committee.

De man, die bekend werd als de „Bitcoin Sign Guy“, ontving 7 BTC ter waarde van $128.800 van de cryptogemeenschap nadat zijn fotobombardement stint viraal werd.

Nascent Crypto Asset onderbreekt 1.022% in Less Than a Week As Altcoin Bull Run Intensifieert

Een nieuwkomer in de decentrale financiële ruimte (DeFi) is in enkele dagen tijd geëxplodeerd met 1.022%.

Yearn Finance DOT (YFDOT) is ontworpen als een DeFi-versie van de oude cryptocurrency Polkadot (DOT). Het maakt deel uit van het YFSwap-platform dat tot doel heeft de DeFi-landbouwfuncties in de marktdynamiek van de belangrijkste cryptocurrency’s te brengen en tegelijkertijd het aanbod aanzienlijk te verminderen met 1.000x.

Het doel is om scenario’s te elimineren waarbij houders en ontwikkelaars plotseling massaal hun penningen verkopen, in de industrie bekend als tapijttrekkers, door de introductie van niet-inflatoire DeFi-middelen die gebruikers in staat stellen om opbrengsten te verbouwen.

Naast Polkadot heeft YFSwap ook andere DeFi-munten gecreëerd, waaronder Yearn Finance Bitcoin (YFBTC) en Yearn Finance Ethereum (YFETH).

Volgens de website van Yearn Finance DOT zullen de gebruikers in staat zijn om te participeren, te boeren, te ruilen, te lenen en hypothecaire YFDOT-penningen te verstrekken. YFDOT wordt ook geleverd met schaalbaarheid en interoperabiliteitskenmerken die de kerncomponenten van Polkadot zijn.

CoinGecko onthult dat YFDOT van een dieptepunt van $12,48 op 18 november naar een recordhoogte van $140 op 23 november schommelde. De verhuizing vertegenwoordigt een stijging van meer dan 1.022% in zes dagen.

Om verder te voorkomen dat het tapijt trekt, zal het bedrag van de lopers van het YFDOT-team voor 18 maanden worden vergrendeld.

Daarnaast zal het project 15% van het totale aanbod van 18.493,75 YFDOT in drie brandende evenementen elimineren in een poging om langlopende houders te stimuleren.

Van Eck: „Bitcoin has less volatility than many large stocks“

Van Eck no longer considers a well-known criticism of Bitcoin to be justified.

On Friday, the Van Eck asset management company published a new study that came to the conclusion that Bitcoin’s price movements are less volatile than a quarter to a third of all companies in the important S&P 500 stock index

In the corresponding blog entry , Van Eck first states that Bitcoin has long been viewed as a „volatile asset outside the stock and capital markets“, but this is now a thesis that no longer corresponds to reality, because the market-leading cryptocurrency has a volatility comparable to that some of the largest companies in the world.

A year-on-year comparison shows that 29% of the shares in the S&P 500 show more severe price fluctuations than the cryptocurrency, while this still applies to 22% of all companies in a comparison over 90 days, as Van Eck calculates.

The results of the study are all the more remarkable since Van Eck invests primarily in gold

The precious metal is actually considered a major competitor to Bitcoin, because the digital currency is competing for it as the market-leading store of value.

Bitcoin FOMO: Rike investorer fra Asia strømmer til kryptomarkedene

Bitcoin FOMO-investorer fra Asia strømmer til kryptomarkeder

USA-baserte Fidelity Investments, en billion dollar fondssjef med enorm interesse for kryptovalutamarkedet, retter seg mot velstående asiatiske investorer som en del av et nytt partnerskap med et fond i Singapore, ifølge finansmagasinet Bloomberg.
Asiatiske familiekontorer opplever krypto FOMO

Stack, Singapore-fondet som gir tilgang til kryptoprodukter og lignende tjenester, har som mål å møte den høye etterspørselen etter kryptovalutaer fra asiatiske familiekontorer og enkeltpersoner med høy nettoverdi. Han vil fremme Fidelitys egne forvaringstjenester for å tiltrekke seg kunder.

For institusjoner slo FOMO tilsynelatende for første gang i 2020 etter en nesten tre års nedgang i markedet. Bedrifter som MicroStrategy og Square tjente henholdsvis over $ 425 millioner og $ 50 millioner i 2020, mens hedgefondforvaltere som Paul Tudor Jones også er interessert i Bitcoin for å beskytte seg mot inflasjon.

Singapore-banken sier at Bitcoin ikke lenger er en „frastøtende“ eiendel.

Familiekontorene vil nå også ha en bit av kaken. I tillegg antyder rapporter at det er mer sannsynlig at amerikanske investorer velger investeringer med lavere risikoprofil, mens asiatiske investorer viser større tilhørighet til høyere risiko (og dermed høyere profittpotensial), noe som gjør kryptovalutaer til et naturlig supplement.

Stack gjør sitt for å gjøre det lettere. Alle eiendeler sikret av tjenesten skal gjennomgå månedlige tilsyn, og tiltak som forsikringsdekning er også lovet.

Selskapet har også som mål å appellere til investorer i regionen gjennom risikoredusering og anke av Fidelitys involvering, sa Michael Collett, medstifter av Stack.

„Dette året har vært vanskelig å få folk inn i Bitcoin fordi det ikke har blitt dekket av berømmelse under markedsnedgangen,“ sa Collett. Og: „Siden de mørke og mørke dagene i mars har vi fått flere henvendelser igjen.“

I en uttalelse til Bloomberg sa Christopher Tyrer, leder av Fidelity Digital Assets Europe, at etterspørselen etter Bitcoin har økt igjen:

„Det er et kritisk behov for plattformer som har en dyp forståelse av hva lokale og regionale investorer leter etter,“ som „har manglet tidligere i digitale eiendeler.“
Den institusjonelle kryptosaken i 2020

Partnerskapet med Stack kommer måneder etter at Fidelitys passivt forvaltede bitcoinfond ble lansert i august. Sistnevnte lanserte sin divisjon Fidelity Digital Assets i slutten av 2018, med målet om administrerende direktør Abigail Johnson som forbedring av investortilgang.

I mellomtiden er kryptovalutamarkedet fortsatt gulrot og pinne. Bitcoin har returnert mer enn 300% til investorer siden mars 2020, mens DeFi-prosjekter som Yearn Finance har returnert over 10.000% i fortjeneste.

Bitcoin har fått over 300% for investorer siden mars.

Det er også store bevegelser i det bredere digitale valutaområdet. Bare i forrige uke kunngjorde den amerikanske betalingsprosessoren PayPal at de ville tillate investorer å kjøpe kryptovalutaer som Bitcoin og Ethereum gjennom plattformen – tjenesten vil bli rullet ut til anslagsvis 350 millioner brukere denne uken.

På institusjonell side har JPMorgan kunngjort at JPM Coin har blitt brukt med suksess for interbankbehandling de siste ukene, med resultater som angivelig lovet en mye større innføring av den digitale valutaen i nær fremtid.

Bitcoin Estable a 10.750 dólares, Wall Street en verde mientras el Presidente Trump vuelve a la oficina (Market Watch)

El Presidente de los Estados Unidos Donald Trump ha dejado el centro médico en el que fue tratado por COVID-19 y ha vuelto a la Casa Blanca. Bitcoin ha seguido las ganancias de Wall Street y comercia por encima de 10.750 dólares.

Durante las últimas 24 horas, Bitcoin ha continuado aumentando su valor gradualmente y ahora se sitúa por encima de los 10.750 dólares. El aumento de precio sigue a las impresionantes ganancias registradas en Wall Street durante la sesión comercial de ayer, después de la noticia de que el Presidente de los Estados Unidos Trump ha vuelto a la Casa Blanca.

Bitcoin sigue subiendo las acciones

Como CryptoPotato informó ayer, Bitcoin tocó 10.750 dólares tras la noticia de que el presidente de los EE.UU. Donald Trump será dado de alta del hospital más tarde ese día. El activo disminuyó su valor poco después, pero empezó a subir de nuevo en las últimas 24 horas tras el optimismo de Wall Street.

El Presidente Trump dejó el lunes el Centro Médico Militar Nacional Walter Reed y regresó a la Casa Blanca, donde se quitó la máscara, a pesar de que todavía es portador del virus COVID-19. Aunque la CNBC y otros medios de comunicación tradicionales lo han clasificado como una „salida temeraria“, los mercados de valores reaccionaron con ganancias inmediatas.

Wall Street cerró la sesión comercial de ayer con un gran éxito. El promedio industrial Dow Jones terminó con un aumento del 1,7%, el S&P 500 con un 1,8%, y el Nasdaq compuesto los superó a todos con un aumento del 2,3%.

Parece que el aumento de la correlación de Bitcoin con Wall Street ha impactado también en la criptodivisión. Después de una rápida caída a 10.620 dólares (en Binance), BTC se dirigió hacia arriba y alcanzó un pico de 10.800 dólares. Incluso con el ligero retroceso desde entonces, el BTC sigue estando por encima de los 10.750 dólares.

La calma entre los grandes caprichos de la moneda

Los altercados de mayor capitalización han permanecido relativamente estancados en una escala de 24 horas. El etéreo ha saltado con menos del 0,5% y se comercia cerca de 355 dólares. Bitcoin Cash (0,5%), Chainlink (0,2%), Coin (0,5%), y Litecoin (0,3%) también han aumentado ligeramente su valor desde ayer.

Ripple es la única excepción con ganancias más impresionantes. XRP ha aumentado más del 3% y se acerca a los 0,26 dólares.

En contraste, Binance Coin y Polkadot están ambos en números rojos después de una disminución similar del 1,5%. BNB ha bajado a 28,5 dólares, mientras que DOT se negocia a 4,1 dólares.

Incluso los altercados de mediana capitalización han permanecido tranquilos sin representantes del club de aumento de precios de dos dígitos. El Zcash es el que más ha aumentado su valor desde ayer, con un 7,5%. Monero (6,1%) y Quant (5%) son los siguientes.

Sin embargo, hay algunas disminuciones de dos dígitos en la tabla. Después de unos días de notables precios, PumaPay ha caído en un 90% hoy. Uniswap es el siguiente con una caída del 13%, seguido por Synthetix Network Token (-12%), y HedgeTrade (-10%).