Ashton Kutcher’s terrible work of art will live forever as NFT after being cremated


A „work of art“ scribbled by the famous star of the That 70s Show, Ashton Kutcher, has been digitized and will be auctioned on Cryptograph, the new market for digital art and non-expendable tokens (NFT).

The auction will raise funds for the non-profit conservation organizations Global Wildlife Conservation and Oxygen Seven, and bidding will begin on August 25 starting at 10 am PT and will remain open for three days.

After digitizing the drawing, Kutcher set fire to the original, and Cryptograph described the hastily scrawled piece as „turning it from the temporary physical world into the immortal digital world.

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Some might argue that immortalization on the blockchain is an honor that does not correspond to Kutcher’s very basic paper-and-pencil scribble, which seems to have about a dozen pairs of eyes next to his signature and a little star. However, Cryptograph points out the subjective nature of art and notes that „art is in the eye of the beholder“.


Burning art for charity
Cryptograph claims that the burning of Kutcher’s drawing shows the advantages of digital artworks over physical ones. Unlike the original drawing, the blockchain version of Kutcher’s scribble is not vulnerable to „forgery and destruction“ and „will exist forever“.

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Launched in July, Cryptograph seeks to position itself as the main market for unique digital collectibles created by renowned artists and public figures.

The platform claims that the NFTs sold on its platform „perpetually support charitable causes“, with smart contracts ensuring that a portion of the proceeds from future transactions in the secondary markets are donated to non-profit organizations, as well as to the artists who created the works sold on Cryptograph.

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NFT gains momentum
Cryptograph comes at a time when the NFT markets have seen their Iq Option popularity rise, with Nifty Gateway, backed by Winklevoss, recently holding an auction in which a unique piece of art was sold for more than $55,000.

In June, prominent crypto investor Tim Draper gave a keynote speech at an auction organized by Art&Co, discussing the disruptive benefits that distributed registration technology offers the art industry.